Digital marketing is the promotion of products and or services by use of an online platform. It is a new age wave of marketing contrary to the traditional banners, fliers and television method that was more popular and dominant method of reaching the public.
As the World Wide Web through the internet connects more people from vast geographical locations and simplifies the flow of information so does it also warrant the need to come up with better ways for businesses to tap into this resource and reach more potential customers.This is where the concept of digital marketing comes in.
And as a new way of marketing and advertising, it does come with its share of misconceptions and myths by those who do not fully understand how it works and the impact that this method can have to conventional businesses. to Some of these myths include:
• Digital marketing and advertising is not relevant for small businesses.
Contrary to this belief, digital marketing offers small businesses the opportunity of reaching more clients easily without the need of a physical location, eliminates the need for a call center as they can interact and communicate with clients directly and get a real-time response to complaints and feedback.
• Digital marketing is expensive.
Many platforms are available with ranging costs depending on the budget and capability of the business from social media platforms which require very little to use and maintain to more advanced options. It all lies in choosing the right option.
• Digital marketing only works with large web traffic.
The key to hacking the digital marketing concept is quality web design with content that directs the right kind of traffic to your website. Large web traffic can, of course, lead to a larger number of potential customers but not every visitor converts into a paying and profit generating a customer. A well-designed website should be focused on attracting targeted visitors that are specifically looking for the products and services that the business offers and thus stand a higher chance of converting these visitors to customers.
• Digital marketing is for new age businesses and not suitable for traditional ones.
Digital marketing acts as a gateway to opening up opportunities for perceived “boring” and traditional businesses to reach a vast majority of the world wide population and thus expand their market base. Neither is it biased on the industry as almost anything can be found on the internet. Each business has its own set of targeted customers and as more people go online chances are there will be people looking for whatever it is your business has to offer.
• Competitors are not online.
We are in the digital age where everything is going online. More often than not potential customers also gauge the business’ credibility and legitimacy by their online presence whether it be for products and or services. Even though competitors in your industry are not online, this should be used as an opportunity to take advantage of a resource that they are yet to tap into with the added benefit that it also enables you to broaden your market reach.
• Search engine optimization (SEO) flux.
SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing search visibility in the web space. Most online users use the search engine whenever they need information about a brand, product or service A quality website can have a huge impact on how successful a digital marketing campaign is and how well it ranks on organic search engine results. Content that is stale, duplicated and has not been updated in a long time will have a devastating effect on your rankings and consequently on your visibility in the web space. To combat this, the website design has to be concise, create quality content that is relevant, answers unique queries relevant to target audience, encourage customer review and respond in time and have content that is regularly updated.
Misconceptions have been and will continue to be there in whichever field advancement comes but to be able to have a fighting chance in this technology and information age we need to move with the times and embrace change.